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More adorable kitties! Good stress-relievers!

Kitty on the roof!
Kitty on the roof!

Kitty licking up sweet stuff
Kitty licking up sweet stuff.

Kitty looks back
Cute kitty looks back.

Kitty on car
Kitty on car.

Kitty runs away
Kitty runs away!

Kitty rubbing pole
Kitty rubs pole in dark. Looks squished!

Plush fence kitty
Plush kitty.

Plush fence kitty
Its meow was too wimpy to record.

Looks like a 1-eyed kitty
Looks like it has only 1 eye.

Running away
Tearing across the basketball courts.

Kitty and frog
Ginger kitty and frog. 1994.

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