Welcome to kittyhugs.org

Pictures of adorable kitties! More coming soon. They're cute, clean and don't bark all night! A few of them have a link to audio of their meow. This will open in a new browser tab.

Cute kitty looking up
Looking up at me!

Another cute kitty
White kitty. Hear its meow here.

Cute kitty
Cute kitty!

Cute kitty up close
Up close. Meow.

Sidewalk kitty
Sidewalk kitty in 2016. Meow.

Scaredycat! It promptly ran!

Kitty with shining eyes
Bright-eyed kitty!

Luminous-eyed kitty #2
Another bright-eyed kitty!

Kitty on trash bin
Kitty on bin. Can't get near it.

3 kitties near car
3 kitties at once!

Kitty looking away
Doesn't seem to care.

Staring kitty
Staring kitty.

Windowsill kitty
Kitty on window sill.

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